Thursday, January 18, 2007

Celebs Beware of the Bra Strap Police

As Oscar season gets underway, followers of fashion are being urged to monitor celebrities on the red carpet and report any out-of-place bra straps to the Strap Police.

With bra straps transformed from a practicality into a hot fashion item, one Web site has set up a name-and-shame service to out celebrities and other women suffering from "ugly bra strap syndrome."

Margarita Reis, who runs bra company Margarita Couture, said the growing range of bra straps -- from clear plastic to coloured, encrusted with Swarovski crystals or decorated with flowers -- meant there was no excuse for women to let worn or discoloured bra straps slip into public view.
She has set up the Strap Police on her Web site to help keep unsightly straps out of sight.

"Ugly bra strap syndrome is what women get as they dress up and bare their shoulders with an out-of-place strap showing," said Reis, a musician turned bra retailer who is based in Fort Lauderdale, Miami.

Reis said she expected to get a lot of feedback.

"I was watching an award show recently and saw a well-known celebrity sporting dirty bra straps underneath a beautiful evening dress - that is a major fashion faux pas!

"If they -- or any of your friends -- are guilty of showing ugly straps then send them a fashion violation from the Strap Police," said Reis.

Reis, who company sells more than 90 different styles of bra strap, says pairing the wrong bra straps with a dress or top can ruin a fashion look.

Other retailers also sell decorative bra straps that include diamantes or pearls.

"We've created an industry that addresses what has been a really big problem in the workplace, at cocktail parties, because many women had not had the option to get straps to match their outfit," said Reis.

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