Thursday, January 25, 2007

Loan Sharks Paint Dogs Red

KUALA LUMPUR: Loan sharks here have found a perfect way to end The Year of the Dog - painting their victims' dogs in bold red paint.

Such was the case of sales executive Lee Kok Kuean, 30, who came home recently to find the walls and gate of his terrace house splattered in red paint, along with his two pet Shih Tzus, whom he fondly calls Bobby and Bobo.

Adding to his grief was the fact that he was taking the brunt for his older brother's apparent money-borrowing addiction.

Since Jan 20, multiple loan sharks had harassed Lee to return an undisclosed amount of money which had been borrowed by his 33-year-old brother over a period of several months.

Rude awakenings at midnight and threats have since become the norm for Lee, who lives together with his parents.

"They (Ah Longs) are definitely barking up the wrong tree. My parents and I shouldn't be taking responsibility for his actions.

"My mother has settled some RM40,000 for him for the past five years and yet he refuses to stop borrowing money," said Lee, adding that he had no knowledge of what his brother does with the money.

Speaking to reporters at a conference at the MCA Public Complaints and Services Department on Thursday, Lee complained that the police had yet to take action despite having lodged the report on Sunday.

In this matter, department head Datuk Michael Chong urged the authorities to take the matter seriously.

"In this month alone, there have been 48 cases involving at least 254 loan sharks, bringing an alarming total of RM1,261,216 of cash being owed," said Chong, who was rudely interrupted when a loan shark by the name of Ah Sim called Lee's handphone during the conference, threatening to hurt his parents unless he paid up.

Lee has since disowned his brother, stating that he will have nothing further to do with him.

Chong later continued to say that Ah Longs should spare the innocent party from being the target of their anger.

In a related case, cobbler Lai Yoke Moy, 34, also present at the conference shared the same sentiments, as she had been harassed by loan sharks for her husband's debts.

"Please look for him and not me," she said in between sobs.

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