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Adora Published her First Book at 7 Years Old

Check out child genius Adora. She could read and write simple words at age two and a half; read her first chapter book at age three and half; started to write short stories at age four; started to type short stories at age 6; appeared on Good Morning America and met Peter Jennings at age 7, Published her first book at age 7.

Adora's favorite history book (The Century for Young People) a gift from the author, Peter Jennings. "It is the best history book I have ever read," says Adora.

“Reading and writing is my life.” Adora says seriously. She hopes to use her own success to inspire other kids to take more of an interest in reading and writing.

“Nowadays children are lacking in reading and writing skills, and they are saying things like ‘I don't like to read' or ‘ I don't want to write.' That hurts me very much.”

Although Adora knows her stories are a way to reach out and inspire, she hopes this website will provide some insights of her success and a platform for visitors to access additional tool for their own reading and writing.

Adora's love of books is evident both in the vast amount she reads a day (she gobbles down 2-3 books a day) and in the diversity of her own writing.

A self-proclaimed ‘amateur historian', Adora loves to read historical fiction, so perhaps it's not surprising that her stories range in setting from ancient Egypt to Elizabethan England. Well-researched and wonderfully vivid, Adora's historical fiction informs while following fast paced and spirited storylines. Adora's interest in non-fiction history was originally sparked by historical fiction, and she hopes that her own stories will serve as a similar inspiration for other kids.

On the site of Kobi (NBC) news with her collection of her stories

Although historical fiction remains her first love and passion, she also writes fantasy adventure stories and contemporary fiction. Adora's sense of humor comes through perhaps most in her contemporary stories, which deal with trials and tribulations that will probably seem familiar to most kids. Journal, a contemporary diary style portrait of a young girl, resonates with a fierce emotional tone.

She also delights in the fantastic, and often sets her stories in landscapes and cultures of her own invention. In The Death of a Hag Lord a young girl comes up with an ingenious plan to defend her town from the onslaught of a goblin hoard. Adora explores more humorous terrain in The Cake of Brovdersvik, the story of two archeologists on the trail of a villainous magic skunk.

Citing the Redwall series and the Narnia books as huge influences, Adora is currently working on Amruin, an animal tale of a bat who leads a rebellion against the forest's cruel overlord.

Adora is often disappointed by the way girls are portrayed in books and movies, and strives to create the kind of strong, intelligent, and sassy protagonists she herself would want to read about. Jousting is Ladylike features just such a character, and also illustrates Adora's penchant for mixing the down-to-earth with the fantastic.

Adora getting ready for the TV Show

Adora's favorite activity--Reading

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