Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Beep! Beep! (SMS) It’s time to make babies

KUALA LUMPUR: The Short Message Service has been used for many things from sending out news alerts to warnings of earthquakes. However, the latest one takes the cake – it tells a woman when she is most fertile.

BaiBoo, Malaysia's Young Family Network, launched an ovulation alert service that aims at helping to increase women's chances of getting pregnant.

The service would notify subscribers via SMS about their fertile phase based on their menstrual cycle.

Timely reminder: An example of one of the messages that will be sent out to subscribers. This one reads: “RM1.00 Tomorrow is your ovulation day. This is when you are most fertile. For more info:”
The subscriber would receive a maximum of three ovulation alert messages: the first day before the start of her fertile phase, the first day before her ovulation day and on the last day of her fertile phase.

Subscribers would have to pay RM1 per message, in addition to the normal SMS charges. For more information, visit www.

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