Friday, March 16, 2007

Now they say only 3% of Girls had Sex

KUALA LUMPUR: Only three per cent of the 887 students who participated in a high-risk female youth profile study had admitted to having had sex, according to the final report of the study commissioned by Institut Perkembangan Minda (Inmind).

Inmind chief executive Norizan Sharif said a report quoting Dr Khaizir Ismail, lecturer at the Psychology and Human Development Centre of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, as saying that all but one of the 887 students had admitted to having had sex was inaccurate.

Norizan said the outcome of the study differed because of a mistake in data entry.

"The consultant team identified a mistake in data entry from the questionnaire to the Statistical Package for Social Science software," he said yesterday.

Norizan said the final report of the study found that sex before marriage had the lowest percentage in the list of anti-social demeanour of the respondents.

Four types of anti-social demeanour recorded percentages above 70 per cent — lying (90.5 per cent), loafing (80.1 per cent), playing truant (74.1 per cent) and being late for school (73.7 per cent).

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