Tuesday, March 27, 2007

These DIGI Yellow Guys are Everywhere!!!

Little Rachel Chan gets to meet DiGi’s ‘yellow men’

Little Rachel Chan had been so enchanted by the yellow men on TV that she wanted to meet them. So the seven-year-old wrote them a letter.

“DiGi man, can you come to my house please? I like you because you are yellow.

“I see you on TV, you follow people; please, please, please come to my house and follow me to school.”

Yesterday, she got her wish. The yellow men showed up at her doorstep.

Two DiGi Yellow Coverage Fellows (YCF) came to her house in Taman Megah here and the little girl hid shyly behind her mother when she saw them. But not for long.

Soon, she started dancing and gave jumping high fives to the duo.

Her first question was, “Why can’t they talk?”, which drew laughter from DiGi officials who explained to her that the YCF was like its namesake, a figure to represent a mobile phone's coverage capacity.

She then asked whether the YCF came in other colours besides yellow.

“Are there green or blue DiGi men, Mummy?

“Why aren't they doing the 'boing-boing' dance now?” the Year Two pupil asked.

Rachel, who first saw the antics of the YCF on television following mobile phone users to illustrate DiGi's wide coverage, had written the letter several weeks ago.

Without Rachel's knowledge, her mother Esther Lai forwarded the letter to the mobile communications provider.

“Almost every night before I tuck Rachel to bed we would download video clips of the YCF from the Internet and we would always have a good laugh watching what my daughter calls the 'boing-boing' dance.

“Even when we pass a DiGi outlet, she would ask me whether the DiGi man was inside hiding somewhere,” said Lai.

Rachel was chauffeur-driven in an MPV and accompanied by both YCFs to her school here yesterday, much to the envy of her schoolmates who were assembled in the hall.

Pandemonium filled the hall as the two YCFs thrilled the thousand-odd students with their “boing-boing dance.”

They also handed out candies and other goodies to them.


freethinker said...

OMG... this 2 are oversized... not the real one...

How can they fool with 2 dummies.. kids

NU said...

HAHAHA! These Digi Yellow Guys are really irritating.. but they kinda stick in your mind! :) haha

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