Saturday, February 10, 2007

‘God of fortune’ attacked and robbed in Johor

JOHOR BARU: A local “god of fortune” encountered bad luck when he was robbed of about RM26,000 in cash and jewellery here.

Lee Mon Seng, who is in his 40s, calls himself the “earthly emperor” and is often seen during Chinese New Year distributing RM10 and even RM100 notes to the public.

Lee: Insists that he is just a ‘vessel’ to spread happiness among the people
Lee, who wears rings resembling various gods on all his fingers and smokes a pipe, claimed that he has give out more than RM2mil over the past few years.

However, his streak of “good fortune” was brought abruptly to an end when he was attacked and robbed a few days ago.

In the incident, about 10 men stopped his Mercedes Benz in Senai and attacked him with sticks before robbing him of the valuables in Kampung Baru at about 8am on Wednesday.

However, the attack did not stop Lee from carrying out his good deeds as within hours, he went around Kulai giving away money to the people.

“I do not discriminate. I give money to people from all races including the young and old,” said the elusive man who refuses to divulge any information about his financial status or his personal life.

Lee, who claimed that he came from a poor family, insisted that the money was not from ill-gotten gains but from his “heavenly father” and he was just a “vessel” to spread happiness among the people.

On his robbery, Lee said he was unperturbed by the incident and would continue to carry out his duties to help the poor, including those affected by the recent floods in the state.

Asked why he required people to call him Wang Sang (Your Majesty in Mandarin) before handing out the money, he said they were free to call him anything.

Lee, who was called to the Johor Baru district police headquarters to give his statement about the robbery, caused a stir at a stall outside the station when he paid the operator RM500 to provide free food to the public.

He also went around giving each of the stall’s patrons RM100 cash.

Stall owner Khamar Musi, 50, said that the man dressed in red and holding a walking stick, came up to him and handed over five RM100 notes and told him to provide free food to the people.

“He also went around giving RM100 notes to my customers,” he said, adding that he gave RM10 to children.

Khamar, who has been operating the stall for four years, said that this was the first time someone had given him money to provide free food.

“I had seen the man several years ago when he went to another place in Taman Tun Aminah and started handing out money to dozens of people,” he said, adding that previously the man gave out money from a bag.

A police spokesman confirmed that Lee had lodged a report about the robbery and investigations were under way.

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