Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Teen Victim wants to marry Abductor

KUANTAN: It was a chilling case of Stockholm syndrome — a kidnap victim becoming sympathetic to her captor — for a former religious school student here.

Suzana Mohd Jaafar, 17, finally returned to her family after she was abducted by a 30-year-old labourer on Jan 14. However, the teenager is now a changed person, according to her family.

No longer wearing a tudung, she keeps defending her abductor, claiming that the suspect wanted to marry her although he already has seven children with his first wife.

"He’s sincere and kept me safely in his room in Subang," said Suzana, who completed her studies at Sekolah Menengah Agama Maahad Al- Yahwiah in Kuala Kangsar last year.

But she claimed that she could not remember the address where she was kept by her abductor, whom she befriended only a few weeks ago.

Looking pale and tired, Suzana also admitted that she had "lived like husband and wife" with her abductor before she was sent to a police station here by the suspect’s uncle on Sunday night.

Her mother, Sahani Mohd Yusof, said Suzana was a different person when she returned home on Monday.

"She didn’t even offer salam (greetings) as she always did before. She is now determined to marry the man," said the 35-year-old stall owner, who has six other children.

Suzana’s parents are baffled as before the incident, she had asked them not to accept the man’s proposal to marry her because she wanted to pursue her studies.

The suspect had sent his family to ask for Suzana’s hand in marriage on Jan 7, but her parents turned down the proposal.

"The man had threatened to harm Suzana when he found out that my husband was looking for him at his hometown in Klang," said Sahani.

Her husband Mohd Jaafar Awang Kechik, 45, said the suspect had also threatened to go on hiding if he (Jaafar) refused to withdraw the police report he lodged.

"I’m not going to withdraw my report after what he has done to my daughter. He has been arrested and I hope the police will take action against him," said the ex-serviceman.

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