Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mother of Seven fight against Hobbit Obesity

KUALA LUMPUR: Mazliwati Md Shah needs to lose weight in order to breathe and improve her health. For that, she has to endure hours of excruciating pain.

The jovial 31-year-old mother of seven suffers from abdominal cellulitis and Hobbit Obesity, or habitual weight gain, and weighs in at more than 200kg.

She finds it difficult to breathe and move, making her unable to work.

Mazliwati, however, refuses to let her illness get the better of her and is now seeking help from a homeopathy clinic to improve her blood circulation and control her diet.

Part of the treatment requires her to undergo foot reflexology and as her doctor began the treatment, Mazliwati screamed in pain.

But, this was only the beginning.

Mazliwati, a widow, began her treatment at the Al Jawad Homeopathy and Complementary Medicine Clinic in Cheras yesterday.

The clinic’s Dr Ibrahim Burhanuddin said the treatment designed for Mazliwati was to remove toxins from her liver and kidneys.

He said reflexology was the first step in the treatment, followed by performing bekam, a traditional method of removing toxins from the body, on Mazliwati’s abdomen.

"Bekam is a preferable method to treat the liver and kidneys."

He said after five or six hours of reflexology, Mazliwati would discharge "dirty" coloured and foul-smelling urine as the body gets rid of the toxins which have built up in the system.

"She will also need to watch her diet by lowering the intake of fatty foods and fruits such as ciku, grapes and sugar-cane, which contain a high glucose level."

Accompanied by her mother Norchik Talib, 56, and her sister-in-law Rozima Mohd Hod, 28, Mazliwati was also given a homeopathic medication to lower her blood sugar level.

But the former cook will not be able to continue her treatment if she does not receive financial aid soon.

"I’m incapable of working and the travelling cost for my treatment is unbearable," said Mazliwati.

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