Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One Third of Britons Ignorant about Sex

LONDON - Nearly one in three Britons think that if a woman jumps up and down, washes or urinates immediately after sex, she can prevent pregnancy, a survey revealed Monday.

It was one of a string of revelations in the survey carried out by the Family Planning Association (fpa) at the start of Contraceptive Awareness Week.

They reveal "widespread confusion and misunderstanding" about some of the basic facts, said the fpa, which has called for improved sex and relationships education in schools.

"In today's sexualized society, we are bombarded with a multitude of sexual imagery and messages," said Anne Weyman, chief executive of fpa.

"Nevertheless, providing people with the information and skills they need to make positive choices about their health and lives is not considered a priority."

One in five pregnancies currently ends in abortion, the fpa said.

The survey showed that half the 500 people questioned did not know that a woman's most fertile time is between 10 and 16 days before her next period.

The poll, carried out by Gfk NOP, also revealed that 89 percent of respondents were unaware that it is possible for sperm to live inside a woman's body for up to seven days.

Nearly 25 percent incorrectly thought that the fluid a man produces before he ejaculates does not contain sperm.

Most blamed their ignorance on a lack of sex education at school, with 18 percent of the 18 to 65-year-olds questioned saying they never had any such lessons.

"None of us is born with the facts about sex and reproduction -- we are taught them," Weyman added.

"If this doesn't happen, myths start getting into circulation and people end up not being able to tell fact from fiction.

"If contraception isn't used or if it fails, instead of seeking professional help and advice people may take action that is completely ineffective in preventing a pregnancy."

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